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Release process: clarify how to set the MAJOR_RELEASE environment variable when preparing a RC.

parent fe06785a
......@@ -38,7 +38,8 @@ the scripts snippets found on this page:
* `NEXT_PLANNED_MINOR_VERSION`: set to the version number of the next
*minor* Tails release; if the next release is a point-release, use
that one; otherwise, use `${VERSION}.1`
* `MAJOR_RELEASE`: set to 1 if preparing a major release, to 0 else
* `MAJOR_RELEASE`: set to 1 if preparing a major release or a release
candidate for a major release, to 0 otherwise
* `ISOS`: the directory where one stores `tails-amd64-*`
sub-directories like the ones downloaded with BitTorrent.
* `ARTIFACTS`: the directory where build artifacts (e.g.
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