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If your language is not listed here, read the documentation
to [[add a new language|translate/team/new]].
<a id="tier-1-languages"></a>
Tier-1 languages
We call "tier-1 languages" the languages that we consider the most
important for our target user base:
- Languages proposed on our website
- Languages that make Tails understandable by a majority of the
population of the top 10 countries of either
- [Directly-connecting Tor clients](
- [Tor clients connecting via bridges](
In March 2019 this list was:
- Arabic
- English
- Farsi
- French
- German
- Hindi
- Indonesian
- Italian
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Simplified Chinese
- Spanish
- Turkish
We are particularly interested in translations in these languages and
include language packs and dictionaries by default in Tails for them.
<a id="follow-up"></a>
# Mailing list for translators
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