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Fill some templates for the TailsGreeter

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Implementation of custom boot menu for GDM3 as part of GSoC2011 project.
Implementation of custom [[todo/boot_menu]] for GDM3 as part of GSoC2011 project.
This page will contain current plans, overall design description, project status updates, documentation and random pieces of information.
......@@ -15,3 +15,28 @@ Template for description of settings which are needed to be requested via tails-
6. dev's notes - overall description from dev's point of view (why do we need this option? what are the dependencies? how do we handle it now? how do we test implementation? any other comments?)
1. name: Language
2. default value: English
3. effects:
- setup locale for the TailsGreeter so that the user can understand the other
- generate the choosen locale;
- setup locale for the session to be started.
4. ui hint: Choose the language of your Tails session.
5. responsible dev:
6. dev's notes: This item should be really visible, probably on top of the
TailsGreeter screen. More information can be found in
1. name: Administrator password
2. default value: none
3. effects: render user to be logged sudoer and administrator in PolicyKit point
of view. The precise implementation should still be investigated
4. ui hint: (draft) enter here a password that will be asked to grant administrator
rights. Leave this field blank to disable administrator rights.
5. responsible dev:
6. dev's notes: this description is draft only. There is a related TODO item:
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