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## New features
- Add support for viewing DVDs with DRM protection. ([[!tails_ticket 7674]])
## Upgrades and changes
- Replace *Vidalia*, which has been unmaintained for years, by:
- a system status icon indicating whether Tails is connected to Tor or not,
- *Onion Circuits* to display a list of the current Tor circuits and connections.
[[!img version_2.2/onion_circuits.png alt="Tor Status extension clicked in the top bar and Onion Circuits window open" link="no"]]
- Automatically save the database of *KeePassX* after every change to prevent
data loss when shutting down. ([[!tails_ticket 11147]])
- Update *Tor Browser* to 5.5.3.
- Improve Japanese-style glyph display.
- Upgrade *I2P* to [0.9.24](
- Upgrade *SAM* (Simple Anonymous Messaging) to [3.2](
## Fixed problems
- Make Git verify the integrity of transferred objects. ([[!tails_ticket 11107]])
- Fix **optional PGP key** feature of *WhisperBack*. ([[!tails_ticket 11033]])
- Fix saving of *WhisperBack* report to a file when offline. ([[!tails_ticket 11133]])
For more details, see also our [changelog](
# Known issues
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