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Make instructions to submit changes more generic.

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[[!inline pages="contribute/merge_policy/common_rules" raw=yes]]
# Core developer
# How to submit your changes
[[!inline pages="contribute/merge_policy/coredev" raw=yes]]
[[!inline pages="contribute/merge_policy/submit" raw=yes]]
# Review and merge process
[[!meta title="Git merge policy: core developer"]]
[[!meta title="Git merge policy: how to submit code"]]
All development should happen in topic branches. For a new feature XXX, it should
be named `feature/XXX`. For a bugfix about YYY, it should be name `bugfix/YYY`.
When the developer thinks it is good enough and has tested it, she must:
- merge the topic branch into the `experimental` one
- if you have the commit bit, merge the topic branch into the `experimental` one
- set the ticket's *QA Check* field to *Ready for QA*
- assign this ticket to nobody (aka. unassign it from yourself) by
default. Unless it's clear to you that the current RM won't be able
default. Unless it's clear to you that the current release manager won't be able
or willing to do this specific review; in that case, _you_ shall try
to find someone else to do the review, and assign the ticket
to them.
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