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Update blueprint: one special case was fixed.

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......@@ -30,6 +30,14 @@ branches that were already merged.
### Exception: branches created just to get an APT suite
**Update**: [[!tails_ticket 8654]] has been implemented in a way that
makes all this moot (any branch that's created to get an APT suite
will have one commit to add that suite to `config/APT_overlays.d/` --
the only exception being branches that would be created to create an
APT suite that they don't plan to use, but for that use case, so far
we've instead hard-coded the additional suite names we need in the
scripts that generate the reprepro configuration).
Given how our [[contribute/APT_repository]] currently works, we sometimes push
Git branches merely to have an APT suite created, and be able to upload Debian
packages to it. Such a branch will look like it has been merged (it has no
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