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......@@ -63,6 +63,44 @@ Resources
- [[!wikipedia Comparison_of_help_desk_issue_tracking_software]] (Wikipedia)
This work is directly related to the work of four of our core team:
- [[Help Desk|contribute/working_together/roles/help_desk]]: they will
use the platform to do their work.
- [[Foundations
Team|contribute/working_together/roles/foundations_teams]]: they will
use the data of the platform to investigate for example hardware
compatibility issues.
- [[UX Designes|contribute/working_together/roles/ux]]: they will use
the data of the platform to investigate usability issues and help
prioritizing our work.
- [[Sysadmins|contribute/working_together/roles/sysadmins]]: they will
administer the platform.
Making sure that the platform will work for them is part of the core
work of these teams (eg. building the requirements).
But researching implementation options doesn't fit in their scope of
work and should be budgeted apart. This work could either be:
- Clocked and paid only once we'll find a grant or a budget to build the
- Paid after requesting an exceptional budget line to
For example, if we decide to get the help from external contractors
for the research phase.
If we decide to work with external contractors, we'll have to be
careful about not spending more time being the point of contact than
doing the work ourselves (for example, this might not work for
It might be good if the researcher and the implementer are the same
person. This might be groente but not before the end of the year.
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