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[[!meta title="Tails user support mailing list"]]
After we closed off our forum in June, the Tails community was left
without a public user support channel apart from IRC.
To compensate this loss, we decided to create a new public mailing list
for user support.
[[!inline pages="support/tails-support" raw="yes"]]
Some reasons behind this decision
Since 2012, we worked on replacing the old forum with a question and
answer application. We hoped we could have a shared application with The
Tor Project that was heading in the same direction. For many reasons
this did not happen.
To solve this we decided to:
- Setup a support mailing list as a new public channel for user support
with the help of the Tails community.
- Gather frequently asked questions from the forum and the list on our
- On the long-run, have Askbot into Debian and improve it with the
features we need.
See the corresponding ticket: <>.
[[!meta title="Tails user support mailing list"]]
This list is **the right place** for:
- **User support**: solving doubts about how to use Tails, security
implications of Tails, etc.
- **Community interaction**: information and tricks about ways of
using Tails that are not officially documented but might be of
interest to others.
- **Small issues**: pointing out small things that we needed to fix
and do not require a complete bug report. That's fine and we
appreciate it.
This list is **the wrong place** for:
- **Bug reports**: see the [[bug reporting
documentation|/doc/first_steps/bug_reporting]] instead.
- **Feature requests**: those should be done on the development
mailing list
- **Computer security essays and conspiranoia** not directly related
to Tails.
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<div id="talk-forum" class="three-blocks">
<h3>Support list</h3>
[[!img lib/forum.png link=no]]
<p>The [[forum]] is currently closed. Coming soon, a better support platform!</p>
<p>Subscribe to our [[user support mailing list|tails-support]].</p>
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