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Don't refer to the old 'New Identity' feature of Tails anymore

This was removed so long ago that probably nobody wonders about it
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...@@ -658,27 +658,22 @@ corresponding [[design documentation|contribute/design/memory_erasure]]. ...@@ -658,27 +658,22 @@ corresponding [[design documentation|contribute/design/memory_erasure]].
Where is the <span class="guilabel">New Identity</span> button? Where is the <span class="guilabel">New Identity</span> button?
--------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------
In our [[warning page|doc/about/warning#identities]] we advice to There is no <span class="guilabel">New Identity</span> button for Tails as a
restart Tails every time that you want to use a different contextual whole.
The The [[<span class="guilabel">New Identity</span> feature of
[[<span class="guilabel">New Identity</span> feature of <span class="application">Tor Browser</span>|doc/anonymous_internet/Tor_Browser#new_identity]] <span class="application">Tor Browser</span>|doc/anonymous_internet/Tor_Browser#new_identity]]
is limited to the browser. is limited to the browser.
Tails used to provide a <span class="guilabel">New Identity</span> In the same way as the <span class="guilabel">New Identity</span> button of
feature, but this feature was not a good solution to <span class="application">Tor Browser</span> restarts the browser, you have to
[[separate contextual identities|doc/about/warning#identities]], as it restart Tails before using a different identity.
was dangerous:
* Already existing connections could stay open. <div class="next">
* Other sources of information could reveal your past activities, for
example the cookies stored in <span class="application">Tor <p>See also our [[warning about contextual identities|doc/about/warning#identities]].</p>
Browser</span> or the random nick in <span
Tails is a full operating system, so a *new identity* should be thought on a </div>
broader level. **Restart Tails instead**.
<a id="boot_statistics"></a> <a id="boot_statistics"></a>
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