Commit a61ffaae authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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IUK creation: only pass --xattrs to rsync when using overlayfs

On our Stretch isobuilders, passing --xattrs to rsync when generating an
aufs-based IUK makes it fail: setting xattrs on a file in an aufs filesystem
raises an "operation not supported" error.

We only need to preserve xattrs when building overlayfs-based IUKs,
because aufs will lose them at mount time anyway.
parent ff60dc2c
......@@ -332,9 +332,10 @@ method create_squashfs_diff () {
my @rsync_options = qw{--archive --quiet --delete-after --acls --checksum};
push @rsync_options, "--xattrs" if $self->union_type eq 'overlayfs';
"rsync", "--archive", "--quiet", "--delete-after", "--acls",
"--xattrs", "--checksum",
"rsync", @rsync_options,
sprintf("%s/", $new_squashfs_mount),
sprintf("%s/", $union_mount),
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