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Additional software packages
**As a technology perview**, it is possible to store in persistence a list of
software packages that will be automaticaly installed each time persistence is
activates and that would be upgraded once network connection pops up.
<div class="note">
This is an experimental feature which does not appears in the assistant.
When this feature is enabled, a list of additional software of your
choice is automatically installed at the beginning of every working
session. The corresponding software packages are stored in the
persistent volume. They are automatically upgraded for security and
installed after a network connection is established.
To use this feature you need to enable both the <span
class="guilabel">APT Lists</span> and <span class="guilabel">APT
Packages</span> features.
To choose the list of additional software, create a file called
(`XXX` corresponds to the name of the device where the persistent
storage is stored: probably `sdb2`). Each line of this file must contain
the name of a Debian package to be installed as an additional software
For example, to automatically install the `dia` software, a diagram
editor, and the `fontmatrix` software, a font manager, create a
`live-additional-software.conf` file with the following content:
This features depends on APT Lists and APT Packages persistence.
To test this feature, you should drop a file called
`live-additional-software.conf` at the root of your persistence directory (near
`live-persistence.conf`). Each line of this file must contain the name of a
debian package to be installed as an additional software package. No comments
not anything else are allowed.
To learn about the many software packages available in Debian, visit
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