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Todo item on hotkey to start klondike.

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Add solitaire, vanilla clone identical in appearance to Windows standard.
Nobody finds it odd or suspicious that someone is playing klondike.
Would be handy to have a hotkey, something like meta+k to start or
switch to klondike.
Quick benchmarking for that:
- vgacardgames: didn't manage to start it. It asks for mouse
configuration. I gave up quickly.
- aisleriot: GNOME, asks for 21,4 MB of additional disk space. It looks
quite different from the Windows version. There seem to be a "Card
theme" option but selecting it in the menu doesn't trigger anything.
- pysolfc: asks for 19.7 MB of additional disk space. It comes with 100
card games and I guess we could make it lighter somehow. The look is
quite heavily customizable and I managed to make it look pretty much
like the Windows version.
- kpat: asks for 14.1 MB of additional disk space. It can also be
customize to look quite much like Windows and the full-screen version is
nicer (centered).
[[!tag todo/discuss]]
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