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WIP: site reorg.

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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ use IkiWiki::Setup::Standard {
userdir => "",
usedirs => 0,
prefix_directives => 1,
add_plugins => [qw{favicon map mirrorlist po shortcut tag toc typography}],
add_plugins => [qw{favicon html map mirrorlist po shortcut tag toc typography}],
disable_plugins => [qw{openid httpauth signinedit passwordauth editpage recentchanges}],
rss => 0,
atom => 0,
[[!meta title="Found a problem"]]
<div id="found_a_problem">
<div id="intro">
So you have found a problem in T(A)ILS.
To begin with, make sure you are using the latest version:
[[upgrading|upgrade]] might solve your problem. If it does not,
read on.
</div> <!-- #intro-->
<div id="bugs">
<h2>Found a bug?</h2>
FIXME... [[how to report a bug|bug_reporting]].
</div> <!-- #bugs -->
<div id="wishlist">
<h2>Need a new feature?</h2>
</div> <!-- #wishlist -->
<div id="talk">
[[!inline pages="talk" raw="yes"]]
</div> <!-- #talk -->
</div> <!-- #found_a_problem -->
[[!meta title="Support"]]
<div id="support">
<div id="intro">
Welcome to T(A)ILS support. This is work in progress and far from
being complete yet.
</div> <!--intro-->
<div id="doc">
Soon to come, please wait.
</div> <!-- #doc -->
<div id="found_a_problem">
<h2>Found a problem?</h2>
If you have found a bug in The (Amnesic) Incognito Live System or
would like to see a new feature in it, have a look to the
[[found_a_problem]] pages.
</div> <!-- #found_a_problem -->
<div id="talk">
[[!inline pages="talk" raw="yes"]]
</div> <!-- #talk -->
</div> <!-- #support -->
If you want to talk to T(A)ILS developpers or users...
you may want to join our [[chatroom|chat]];
the [[forum]] is open for discussions that <strong>do not</strong>
belong to bugs, feature requests and the like;
you can send email to <>, preferably encrypted
with our [[GnuPG key]].
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