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Fixed typo and classes

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......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ If you are running Linux Mint
<span class="guimenuitem">Software sources</span></span>.
1. Click on the <span class="guilabel">PPAs</span> button and then
choose to <span class="guilabel">Add a new PPA&hellip;</span>.
choose to <span class="button">Add a new PPA&hellip;</span>.
1. In the dialog, specify `ppa:tails-team/tails-installer` and click
<span class="button">Ok</span>.
......@@ -134,15 +134,15 @@ If you are running Linux Mint
of the PPA.
1. In the <span class="guilabel">Software Sources</span> window, click
on the <span class="guilabel">Update the cache</span> button and wait
on the <span class="button">Update the cache</span> button and wait
for the download of the package information to finish.
1. Close the <span class="guilabel">Software Sources</span> dialog.
1. Wait a few seconds until <span class="guilabel">Software Manager</span> reappears.
1. Wait a few seconds until <span class="application">Software Manager</span> reappears.
1. In the main window of <span class="application">Software
Manager</span>, search for `tails-installer` and double-clik on <span
Manager</span>, search for `tails-installer` and double-click on <span
class="guilabel">Tails Installer</span> in the search results.
1. Click <span class="button">Install</span> in the description of
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