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Release process: automate.

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......@@ -191,17 +191,13 @@ up-to-date localization files, so:
For each bundled Debian package, `cd` into the package's root
directory (e.g. a checkout of the `whisperback` repository),
and then run the `import-translations` script that is in the
main Tails repository. For example:
import translations from Transifex and sanity-check them:
cd whisperback
Then check the PO files:
"${RELEASE_CHECKOUT:?}"/import-translations && \
… and `git rm` the PO files that have issues (alternatively, if you
Then, `git rm` the PO files that have issues (alternatively, if you
feel like it you can fix them but your changes will be overwritten
next time we import translations from Transifex).
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