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Add a wrapper around Liferea to display a deprecation warning. (#11082)

parent 06e1f3a6
#!/usr/bin/env python3
Tails Liferea wrapper
import os
import sh
import sys
from gettext import gettext
LIFEREA = '/usr/bin/liferea'
os.environ['TEXTDOMAIN'] = 'tails'
def main():
disabled_text = gettext('Liferea is deprecated')
question_text = gettext('Do you wish to start Liferea anyway?')
warning_text = gettext(
"Due to security concerns the Liferea RSS reader from a future "
"version of Tails. Please migrate your feeds to Thunderbird."
dialog_msg = '<b><big>{}</big></b>\n\n{}\n\n{}\n'.format(
exit_text = gettext('_Exit')
launch_text = gettext('_Launch')
# results 0 == True; 1 == False; 5 == Timeout
results = sh.zenity(
'--title', '',
'--ok-label', launch_text,
'--cancel-label', exit_text,
'--text', dialog_msg,
_ok_code=[0, 1, 5],
if results.exit_code != 0:
return 1
return os.execv(LIFEREA, [LIFEREA] + sys.argv[1:])
if __name__ == '__main__':
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