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Monthly report: draft something about our Stretch progress.

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## Stretch
## Porting Tails to Debian 9 (Stretch)
A bunch of Tails developers and technical writers had a very
productive sprint. The remaining work now feels tractable: aside of
the documentation update, only a few major regressions and adjustments
remain to be dealt with.
So, we are increasingly confident that we can make Tails 3.0 a solid
release, published according to schedule on June 13… but possibly
a little bit earlier or later, if it allows us to release at the same
time as Debian 9 (Stretch).
Two beta releases for Tails 3.0 were published
([[3.0~beta2|news/test_3.0-beta2]] on March 8,
[[3.0~beta3|news/test_3.0-beta3]] on March 19).
[[3.0~beta3|news/test_3.0-beta3]] on March 19). They introduce the
following changes:
* Upgrade Linux to 4.9.0-2 (version 4.9.13-1).
* Make it possible to start graphical applications in the *Root Terminal*.
* Improve styling of the *GNOME Shell* window list.
* Tails Greeter:
- Make the "Formats" settings in Tails Greeter take effect (it was
introduced in Tails 3.0~alpha1 but has been broken since then).
- Add keyboard shortcuts:
* Alt key for accelerators in the main window
* Ctrl+Shift+A for setting an administrator password
* Ctrl+Shift+M for MAC spoofing settings
* Ctrl+Shift+N for Tor network settings
* Remove I2P.
* Reintroduce the X11 guest utilities for VirtualBox (clipboard
sharing and shared folders should work again).
* Upgrade X.Org server and the modesetting driver in hope it will fix
crashes when using some Intel graphics cards.
* Automate the migration from KeePassX databases generated on
Tails 2.x to the format required by KeePassX 2.0.x.
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