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TODO gardening.

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There should be an automatic really fast shutdown and RAM wipe if the liveusb is removed. This covers cases where you don't have the time to shutdown and you can only remove the usb! I think it is already a feature in Liberte, but would like to see it in Tails!
> Tails already does this => closing. Please read [[contribute/faq]] next time :)
[[!tag todo/done]]
......@@ -6,4 +6,8 @@ This was fixed in current Wheezy, but the updated translation, while
generally much better than the old one, is buggy in places (raw `%s`
displayed on screen), so this should be looked at again.
[[!tag todo/translate]]
> Fixed in Wheezy: 3.2.1-3+deb7u1. It's not critical enough to bother
> backporting it, so let's just wait for Wheezy to bring it for free
> => closing.
[[!tag todo/done]]
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