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## 2018Q1
* 2018-03-01, 14:00: Translation platform meeting
* 2018-03-01:
- Feature Freeze: All feature branches targeting Tails 3.6 should
be merged into the `devel` branch by noon, CET. I'm open to make
exceptions if you can be online and responsive during that
afternoon, but ask me first!
- Build and upload Tails 3.6~rc1.
- Start testing Tails 3.6~rc1 during late CET if building the image
went smoothly.
* 2018-03-02:
- Finish testing Tails 3.6~rc1 by the afternoon, CET.
- Release Tails 3.6~rc1.
* 2018-03-05, 14:00: Additional Software team meeting
* 2018-03-06, 19:00: Contributor meeting
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