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Add notes for January meeting

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[[!meta title="January 2015 meeting"]]
[[!toc levels=1]]
# [[!tails_ticket 7779 desc="Revisit default touchpad settings"]]
- During the meeting we agreed that reasonable defaults would be:
- tap-to-click
- 2-fingers scroll
- disable while typing
- no reverse scrolling
# [[!tails_ticket 8423 desc="Document that Pidgin can't open an account with Persistence enabled in Read-only mode"]]
- We confirmed that the read-only option for persistence is a
best-effort feature. So documenting the bug looks good enough for
- Real fix and automated tests for the read-only mode are more than
# [[!tails_ticket 8237 desc="Greeter revamp: Decide a language icon"]]
- We acknowledged the current design.
- The Japanese character has been reversed and this needs to be fixed.
This will be part of [[!tails_ticket 8523]].
# [[!tails_ticket 8447 desc="Persistent data is not erased when persistence features are disabled"]]
- We acknowledged the proposal from [comment 4](
- We can't really say "securely delete" on flash media. So that needs rephrasing.
# [[!tails_ticket 8443 desc="Adding a new printer requires administration password"]]
- We acknowledged the proposal from [comment 9](
- DrWhax will try to do it for 1.3.
# [[!tails_ticket 8510 desc="Reconsider distributing a hybrid ISO image"]]
1. We will [[!tails_ticket 8524 desc="do statistics on whether bug reports come from a DVD or flash media"]].
2. We will [[!tails_ticket 8525 desc="test isohybrid DVD on Macs"]].
3. If our experiments are successful, then we will release an
isohybrid image, update the documentation, and see what happens.
4. Then if users and frontdesk hate us, revisit. Otherwise, forget it
and keep isohybrid images.
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