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TODO: Update 'improve the forum'

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......@@ -17,8 +17,9 @@ can be improved in many ways.
- Ikiwiki could be improved to provide a new sort parameter to order pages by
the modification time of its subpages. This would imply some ikiwiki extension
[[!tag todo/code]].
the modification time of its subpages. The
[sortbylastcomment]( plugin
has been written to do that.
- If needed it should be possible to further restrict the open publishing and
deletion on the forum by locking the forum pages so that only its author can
......@@ -28,6 +29,44 @@ can be improved in many ways.
- The 'Remove comment' link below each comment could be removed from the comment
[[!tag todo/discuss]]
Switching to a more advanced Question & Answer webapp
Required features
- Allow to vote for the answers and display the answer sorted by votes.
- Allow to ask questions anonymously (possibly using a shared account with a
public password).
- Handle karma for logged in users.
- Have decently smart email notifications.
Possible candidates
### OSQA
- Anonymous posting doesn't seem possible so far. It's been a feature request
for a while, see <>.
- Anonymous users are not yet able to vote, see
- Check whether email notifications are cool enough, see
### Shapado
- Seems to be a pain to install / maintain / get hosted. Ruby
cool kids style, see Debian bug #633407.
Other issues
- Do we want to have a shared "Tails" account or separate accounts per
contributors. Keeping in mind that we want to encourage people to create
themselves accounts so that we can vote them up or down. [[!tag todo/discuss]]
- We propose to migrate the interesting content of the forum to the new app and
to remove the old forum from the website. [[!tag todo/website]]
[[!tag todo/website]]
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