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Document how to upgrade tor (refs: #17531)

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......@@ -143,6 +143,7 @@ Tools for contributors
- Debian packages
- [[APT repository|contribute/APT_repository]], to store our custom Debian packages
- How we manage and upgrade the [[Linux kernel|contribute/Linux_kernel]].
- How we manage and upgrade [[contribute/tor]].
- [[Glossary for contributors|contribute/glossary]]
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......@@ -713,7 +713,8 @@ extension).
system, provides hardware detection, infrastructure. Please note
that the Debian distribution does not provide or endorse Tails.
- [Tor]( anonymizing overlay network for
TCP. Our intention is to always use the latest stable version.
TCP. Our intention is to
[[always use the latest stable version|contribute/tor]].
Being based in Debian, Tails benefits from its great package
management tools, facilitating its build and the inclusion of new
This document is about how we upgrade packages built from the `tor`
source package.
[[!toc levels=2]]
# Background
Tails is built using a combination of snapshots of APT
repositories and overlay APT suites. This document assumes a good
understanding of this [[somewhat complex system|contribute/APT_repository]].
We generally install packages built from the `tor` source package from
- [[!tails_gitweb config/chroot_sources/torproject.chroot]]
- [[!tails_gitweb config/chroot_apt/preferences]]
The corresponding archive in our APT snapshots setup is called `torproject`:
[[!tails_gitweb config/APT_snapshots.d/torproject/serial]].
# Process
A Foundations Team member or Release Manager creates a tracking issue whenever
a new stable version of `tor` is released.
Once this new version is available in our APT snapshots, a Foundations Team
member (you!) gathers the data that will inform our decision, and prepares
the upgrade:
1. Fork a branch off `stable` called
2. On that branch, bump `config/APT_snapshots.d/torproject/serial` to a snapshot
that's recent enough to include the relevant new version of `tor`.
3. Push this new branch to our CI.
4. Set the _Feature Branch_ field on the tracking issue to the name of your
new branch.
5. Compare the Jenkins build and test results to the ones for our
`stable` branch. What follows assumes that these CI results look good.
If they don't, more work is needed.
6. [[Bump the expiration
for the snapshot of the `torproject` archive that you've switched the
branch to.
7. State on the tracking issue that you've bumped the expiration
date of the snapshot.
8. Submit your branch for review via our [[usual
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