Commit 9d8074d4 authored by anonym's avatar anonym
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Work around screen blanking when testing Synaptic.

Updating APT may take more than the time needed for screen blanking
(and screen locking) to kick in. We prevent this by moving the mouse
every minute.

Refs: #10403
parent af7ab558
......@@ -30,7 +30,15 @@ end
When /^I update APT using Synaptic$/ do'SynapticReloadButton.png')
@screen.wait('SynapticReloadPrompt.png', 20)
@screen.waitVanish('SynapticReloadPrompt.png', 30*60)
try_for(30*60) do
@screen.waitVanish('SynapticReloadPrompt.png', 60)
rescue Exception => e
@screen.hover_point(0, 0)
raise e
# After this next image is displayed, the GUI should be responsive.
@screen.wait('SynapticPackageList.png', 30)
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