Commit 9ce57f79 authored by sajolida's avatar sajolida
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Remove (1) label in upgrade-clone scenario

Here's we're upgrading so saying (1) for the other Tails and (2) for the
original and important one feels weird. Even more so on the
upgrade-tails scenario where we don't have these numbers already.
parent 038f9219
......@@ -2,7 +2,8 @@ Restart on <span class="windows-usb linux-usb mac-usb upgrade-tails">the tempora
<div class="step-image">
[[!img inc/infography/plug-source-usb.png link="no" class="clone"]]
[[!img inc/infography/plug-source-usb.png link="no" class="debian-clone windows-clone linux-clone mac-clone"]]
[[!img inc/infography/plug-other-usb.png link="no" class="upgrade-clone"]]
[[!img inc/infography/restart-on-tails.png link="no" class="debian-usb"]]
[[!img inc/infography/restart-on-temporary-tails.png link="no" class="clone windows-usb linux-usb mac-usb"]]
[[!img inc/infography/restart-on-dvd.png link="no" class="dvd"]]
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