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Release process: document possible parallel step

This should mitigate the "have to wait for up to 15 minutes" issue here,
which some RMs have suffered from in the past.
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......@@ -955,8 +955,9 @@ Make sure that Jenkins has finished building so you have set
Then, wait (a few minutes, `*/15` crontab) until the images appear
on <>.
XXX: report back on [[!tails_gitlab tails/sysadmin/-/issues/17417#note_157498]]
how painful it is to wait here.
While waiting, you can prepare the `parallel_build_IUKs` job and build in the
next section. But do **not** click _Build_ until the images have appeared in the
ISO history.
<a id="build-iuks-on-jenkins"></a>
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