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Move the page about adding Icinga2 checks in the right place.

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......@@ -119,13 +119,6 @@ For anything more substantial, please publish your work as a Git topic
branch. If you already know where to host your personal repositories,
this is great; or else you may ask us to host your repository.
# Icinga2 checks
Please have a look at [[this how-to|how/sysadmin/deploy_icinga2_checks]]
to learn how to add new checks in our Icinga2 setup. The above
instructions are applying to this how-to if you don't know Puppet. Send
us you change proposal, we'll puppetize!
<a id="contact"></a>
# Contact information
......@@ -205,6 +205,8 @@ We use Redmine tickets for public discussion and tasks management:
* `tails::monitoring::satellite` class in [[!tails_gitweb_repo puppet-tails]],
- agents:
* `tails::monitoring::agent` class in [[!tails_gitweb_repo puppet-tails]]
* Informations about how to add checks to our monitoring setup can be
found in [[this how-to|roles/sysadmins/adding_icinga2_checks]].
## Jenkins
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