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Actually use the ofbs4 bridge we're maintaining.

Especially since the other one doesn't work today.
parent bbb204a1
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ tracked by tickets prefixed with `todo/test_suite:`.
obfs4 95151988dc29fccb4f610a1c700a1ddf7d5ffbd4 cert=3wYo19iAMNbfO7snEeqVBmsIat+RMmMDV5BV4jDvXuz9BaACXt7XffC8Dz8J1MUvLKHKaQ iat-mode=0
obfs4 962B3D8917F442802E43AF31E8D6F7375403ED9B cert=aPO5lTNAVQlB6JdK6b7NBGuUhcvhnXxbZibX2lEceeC3ZBbbXLneeC0+RFXbIw07D4LYDA iat-mode=0
1. Use the Internet.
1. Check that the only outgoing direct network connections go to the
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