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......@@ -23,10 +23,9 @@ so that others can benefit from your insight.
- [[Paper prototyping and *WireframeSketcher*|user_experience/paper_prototyping]]
- [[Survey platform (*LimeSurvey*)|user_experience/limesurvey]]
- [[Guidelines for user testing|user_experience/testing]]
- [Paper Prototyping](,
by Shawn Medero
Talk to us
[[!meta title="Paper prototyping"]]
Resources on paper prototyping
- [Paper Prototyping]( by Shawn Medero
- [Prototyping: A Practitioner's Guide]( by Todd Zaki Warfel
[*WireframeSketcher*]( is a proprietary
tool to create wireframes. It's super easy to learn, super fast to use
and works from Tails!
<div class="caution">
<p><span class="application">WireframeSketcher</span> being proprietary
software, you are not allowed to install it on your Tails if you have to
comply with most of the security policies of our internal teams. You
should install it on a dedicated Tails without sensitive
To install *WireframeSketcher* in Tails, execute:
sudo dpkg -i WireframeSketcher-latest_amd64.deb
sudo apt-get -f install --yes
Wireframe library for GNOME and Tails
This Git repository contains wireframes from past projects:
In the *generic* folder, you can find reusable wireframes and icons for
GNOME and Tails, like the desktop or *Files*:
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