Commit 990dbf06 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Fix the name and icon of the Unsafe Browser in the top bar in non-English languages (refs: #15708)

parent 9baca2e3
......@@ -267,14 +267,14 @@ run_browser_in_chroot () {
local browser_name="${2}"
local chroot_user="${3}"
local local_user="${4}"
local human_readable_name="${5}"
local wm_class="${5}"
local profile="$(browser_profile_dir ${browser_name} ${chroot_user})"
sudo -u "${local_user}" xhost "+SI:localuser:${chroot_user}"
chroot "${chroot}" sudo -u "${chroot_user}" /bin/sh -c \
". /usr/local/lib/tails-shell-library/ && \
exec_firefox -DISPLAY='${DISPLAY}' \
--class='${human_readable_name}' \
--class='${wm_class}' \
-profile '${profile}'"
sudo -u "${local_user}" xhost "-SI:localuser:${chroot_user}"
......@@ -112,9 +112,13 @@ else
echo "* Starting Unsafe Browser"
# Do not localize the 5th argument: it becomes WM_CLASS and then GNOME
# displays the localized app name found in the matching .desktop file;
# if WM_CLASS were localized then not only string encoding problems
# would happen, but GNOME would pick the wrong icon.
run_browser_in_chroot "${CHROOT}" "${BROWSER_NAME}" "${BROWSER_USER}" \
"${SUDO_USER}" \
'Unsafe Browser' || \
error "`gettext \"Failed to run browser.\"`"
echo "* Exiting the Unsafe Browser"
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