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Add Docker vs. Tails status and todo notes.

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......@@ -50,3 +50,22 @@ Random notes
* overlayfs support was added in Docker 1.4.0; we'll need that when
using Debian Stretch/sid once Linux 3.18 lands in there after
Jessie is released.
Test run
(20150120, Debian sid host, `feature/7530-docker` Git branch)
sudo apt --no-install-recommends install aufs-tools
sudo adduser "$(whoami)" docker
Log out, log back in, then run `make`.
* `TAILS_BUILD_OPTIONS="noproxy"` => run [apt-cacher-ng in a different
* Even with `--cache false`, some directories (`chroot`, `cache`) are
saved and retrieved from the container upon shutdown; same for
live-config -generated `config/*` files. That's because the current
directory is shared read-write with the container somehow.
This bind-mount should be read-only, but we still need to get the
build artifacts back on the host.
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