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Initial draft of 3.12 changelog entry (refs: #16347).

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tails (3.12) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Dummy entry for next release.
* XXX: add anything done after 98578d2aae24e51734576369736f343fe8b66b72
* XXX: see various XXX below
-- Tails developers <> Wed, 05 Sep 2018 16:51:53 +0000
* Major changes
- Make the USB image the main supported way to install Tails (refs: #15292).
On first boot, grow the system partition to a size that's a factor
of the size of the boot medium and randomize GUIDs (Closes: #15319).
- Upgrade Linux to 4.19, version 4.19.13-1 (Closes: #16073, #16224).
XXX: CVEs 4.18.20-2..4.19.13-1
- Remove Liferea (Closes: #11082, #15776).
- Upgrade to the Debian Stretch 9.6 point-release.
* Security fixes
- XXX: Tor Browser
- Upgrade Thunderbird to 60.4.0 (DSA-4362-1; Closes: #16261).
- Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.2q-1~deb9u1 (DSA-4355-1).
- Upgrade libarchive to 3.2.2-2+deb9u1 (DSA-4360-1).
- Upgrade GnuTLS to 3.5.8-5+deb9u4 (CVE-2018-10844, CVE-2018-10845).
- Upgrade libgd3 to 2.2.4-2+deb9u3 (CVE-2018-1000222, CVE-2018-5711).
- Upgrade libmspack to 0.5-1+deb9u3 (CVE-2018-18584, CVE-2018-18585).
- Upgrade libopenmpt to 0.2.7386~beta20.3-3+deb9u3 (CVE-2018-10017).
- Upgrade libx11 to 2:1.6.4-3+deb9u1 (CVE-2018-14598, CVE-2018-14599,
- Upgrade libxcursor to 1:1.1.14-1+deb9u2 (CVE-2015-9262).
- XXX: NetworkManager (#16365).
- Upgrade wpa to 2:2.4-1+deb9u2 (CVE-2018-14526).
- Upgrade zeromq3 to 4.2.1-4+deb9u1 (CVE-2019-6250).
* Bugfixes
- Fix Totem's access to the Internet when it's started from the Applications
- Rename HTP pools to avoid confusion (Closes: #15428).
- Fix memory erasure on shutdown with systemd v239+, by mounting
a dedicated tmpfs on /run/initramfs instead of trying to remount /run
with the "exec" option (Closes: #16097).
- Make the KeePassX wrapper dialog translatable.
- Fix detection of first Thunderbird run.
* Minor improvements and updates
- Upgrade tor to
- Upgrade Mesa to 18.2.6-1~bpo9+1, libdrm to 2.4.95-1~bpo9+1,
and libglvnd to 1.1.0-1~bpo9+1.
- Upgrade firmware-linux and firmware-nonfree to 20190114-1.
- Upgrade amd64-microcode to 3.20181128.1.
- Upgrade intel-microcode to 3.20180807a.2~bpo9+1.
- Remove the boot readahead feature (Closes: #15915).
In most supported use cases, it did not improve boot time anymore,
or even increases it.
- Require TLS 1.2 in our Upgrader and tails-security-check (Closes: 11815).
- Enable O_CREAT restriction in /tmp directories for FIFOs and regular
files (Closes: #16072).
- Upgrade systemd to 240-4~bpo9+0tails1 (Closes: #16352).
Fixes CVE-2018-16864, CVE-2018-16865, and CVE-2018-16866.
- Upgrade Enigmail to 2.0.8-5~deb9u1 (Closes: #15657).
- Upgrade Torbirdy to 0.2.6-1~bpo9+1 (Closes: #15661).
- Modify Torbirdy configuration in a way that's easier to maintain.
* Build system
- Make the build of the USB image reproducible (Closes: #15985).
- Allow specifying which set of APT snapshots shall be used during
the build, with the APT_SNAPSHOTS_SERIALS build option (Closes: #15107).
- Fix more GIDs and display more information when changing UIDs or GIDs
fails (Closes: #16036).
- Remove obsolete patches, refresh remaining ones to apply on top
of currently installed packages version.
- Disable irrelevant recurring jobs in Vagrant build box (refs: #16177)
that increase the chance of FTBFS due to mksquashfs being reaped
by the OOM killer.
- Adjust for recent GnuPG error'ing out when it has no controlling terminal.
* Test suite
- Adjust test suite for USB image:
- Add tests that exercise behavior on first boot from a device
installed using the USB image (Closes: #16003).
- Drop tests for use cases we don't support anymore with the introduction
of the USB image (refs: #16004).
- Adjust remaining tests to focus on main supported use cases,
i.e. Tails installed from a USB image (refs: #16004.
- In scenarios where we simulate MAC spoofing failure, test safety-critical
properties even if the desktop notification is buggy (refs: #10774).
- Update expected title for our Redmine (Closes: #16237).
- Update expected image for OpenPGP key search.
-- Tails developers <> Wed, 16 Jan 2019 13:48:23 +0000
tails (3.11) unstable; urgency=medium
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