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Booting blueprint

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UX considerations about for booting Tails
During the UX workshop, there was one quite big pain point: "how to start my computer with Tails", "on which key shall I press? when?"
Depending on the user OS and version (mac, linux, windows 7, windows 8) and its hardware, there is a lot of possible instructions and combinations. We need to find a way to easily find and remember the good way to do it (as the computer will be shut down by that time).
Different types of configuration
- Configure to boot on Tails once.
- Configure to boot on Tails each time there is a Tails key plugged on the computer.
Some possible interfaces
- Prompt the user for the model of the computer. Display the instructions.
- Embed a list of hardware and keys. Ask to search on this list.
- Link to a list of hardware and keys. Ask to go on an other website.
Deal with offline
At reboot, the user may not have an other working computer to display the online documentation, so maybe it could be useful to keep the contact with the user somehow. What are the different steps (instructions to boot, start the temp tails and clone, start the minimal tails and configure persistence, start the full-featured tails).
Possible solutions:
- Print a generic guide to boot
- Print a specific guide for his computer
- Invite to write the possible keys on a paper
Details on instructions
- Screencast when we must press the key
- Have pictures of the keys (which is "Shift", "Esc", "Option", "Control", "F12"...)
Change the workflow
- Is it possible to tell the host operating system to restart on Tails directly?
- windows 8 seems to be kind of sport, but maybe not
Some links
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