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- **Security precautions**
## Derya
- **Occupation**
- Derya is a content writer for an e-commerce website.
- **Background**
- Derya is a Turkish refugee living in Germany.
- Derya contributes to free software projects in their free time. For
example, they translate lots of software into Turkish.
- Derya gives digital security trainings and advices to activist
friends in Germany and Turkey.
- Derya knows more than average about computers and the Internet but
has no strong technical background.
- Derya is very privacy concious. They use only free software on their
personal computer but at work their job is to optimize the sells of
their e-commerce company by analyzing what people buy most and why.
- **Motivations**
- Derya is outraged by all kinds of privacy violations and knows that
everybody is watched upon in one way or another.
- Derya wants to contribute to free software projects from his place
of work.
- Derya wants to help activists in Turkey and Germany to hide their
identities, communicate securely, and publish sensitive information.
- Derya wants to help their family and friends in Turkey circumvent
- Derya doesn't want the Turkish government to know that they are a
digital security trainer.
- **Challenges and threats**
- Getting busted by their boss or colleagues while taking some time
off their work.
- Crossing-borders to give digital security trainings.
- Staying up-to-date with privacy tools and knowing how to explain
them to others.
- **Communications**
- To contribute to free software: encrypted and unencrypted emails and chat
- To organizing digital security trainings: smart phone messaging apps
- **Goals**
A. I want to hide personally identifying information or sensitive information about myself
- I want to keep content & information secret from my government
- I want to keep information secret from my family and close people
- I want to hide my identity
- I don't want to raise suspicion
B. I want to communicate and collaborate securely
- I want to communicate securely with known peers
- I want to communicate with others who are under surveillance
D. I want to leave no trace on the computer
- I need to use a computer that is not mine
E. I want information to be free
- I want to access censored information online
F. I want to avoid corporate & governmental information gathering on my data
- I want to understand people using Tails
- I just want more privacy
- **Use cases**
- **Definition of security**
- **Key Technologies used regularly**
a. Features used in Tails
b. Features used outside of Tails
- **Threat perception**
- **Security precautions**
Next steps
1. Create tickets for the following steps [[!tails_ticket 14525]]
1. Draft "*Privacy geek*" skeleton
1. Check back yellow post-it notes
1. Refine good enough draft skeletons
- Link to actual stories or research if we have it
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