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Update current Tor Browser sandboxing status, add preliminary thoughts about UX.

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......@@ -10,34 +12,79 @@ Status
## automated test passes
(needs to be run again with current status of the branch at some point)
* feature/i2p (unconfined)
* feature/torified_browsing
* feature/unsafe_browser (unconfined)
* feature/windows_camouflage
* open `https://` URL from Pidgin
## manual test OK
(needs to be tested again with current status of the branch at some point)
* add NoScript exception
* change stuff in about:prefs
* manually update AdBlock Plus lists
* add a bookmark, with persistent bookmarks feature enabled, in
read-only persistence mode
## manual test OK, maybe needs automated test
* download to ~/Downloads
* download to non-persistent ~/Downloads
* YouTube audio and video playback
* non-YouTube HTML5 video playback
* "Tails documentation" link on the Desktop ([[!tails_ticket 8788]])
## broken
* persistent bookmarks, RO ([[!tails_ticket 8787]])
## needs testing
* open link from Pidgin
* upload from Downloads
* feature/usb_install
- view persistent bookmarks, in read-only persistence mode ([[!tails_ticket 8787]])
- persistent bookmarks, RW
* download to persistent ~/Downloads, in read-write persistence mode
* download to persistent ~/Downloads, in read-only persistence mode
* upload from non-persistent ~/Downloads
* upload from persistent ~/Downloads, in read-write persistence mode
* upload from persistent ~/Downloads, in read-only persistence mode
* import OpenPGP key from website (if supported in 1.2.3)
* click email address on a website (if supported in 1.2.3)
* install a Firefox add-on (this does not mean we actively support that, right? :)
User experience matters
Downloading files
Tor Browser will be allowed to save files in
`/home/amnesia/Downloads/` only.
doc++: where to download, how to upload
Usability issue: if not enough space in RAM for hosting ~/Downloads/
* added a persistence setting for Downloads
* added a GNOME bookmark called "Downloads" when the Downloads
persistence feature is enabled; remaining questions:
- Rename this bookmark "Persistent Downloads"? But then users may
lose data by mistake when they use read-only persistence option.
OTOH, we have had a "Persistent" bookmark for years, even in
read-only persistence mode, and nobody complains.
- Rename this persistent directory and the corresponding bookmark to
include the "Uploading files" use case? (see below)
Uploading files
Basically the same problem as for downloading files. Is it better to
share a common whitelisted directory, or to add a different one to
the whitelist?
Document that one should put files in the `/home/amnesia/Downloads`
folder before uploading them, and make sure that it's the folder
selected by default when clicking a "Browse" upload button on
a website?
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