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Move sentence to a better place

This sentence is about Wi-Fi adapters that do work,
while the section it was in is about Wi-Fi adapters that do not work.
It took me some time to understand that this sentence was not introducing
the following table, claiming they work, while actually they don't.
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USB Wi-Fi adapters that don't work in Tails
The list of Wi-Fi adapters that work in Tails is in our documentation
about [[Troubleshooting Wi-Fi not
USB Wi-Fi adapters that don't work in Tails
<tr><th>Vendor</th><th>Model</th><th>Year</th><th>Size</th><th>lsusb ID</th><th>Latest test</th><th>Module</th><th>Firmware</th><th>Note</th></tr>
<tr><td>D-Link</td><td><a href="">DWA-131 rev E1</a></td><td>Early 2018</td><td>Small</td><td>2001:3319</td><td>4.8</td><td>rtl8xxxu</td><td>rtl8192eu_nic.bin</td><td>Authentication failures</td></tr>
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