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Move Wi-Fi troubleshooting instructions to a dedicated page

- It gives it more visibility on /doc.
- It makes networkmanager.mdwn smaller.
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- [[!traillink Connecting_to_a_network|anonymous_internet/networkmanager]]
- [[!traillink Troubleshooting_Wi-Fi_not_working|anonymous_internet/no-wifi]]
- [[!traillink Logging_in_to_captive_portals|anonymous_internet/unsafe_browser]]
- [[!traillink Viewing_the_status_and_circuits_of_Tor|anonymous_internet/tor_status]]
- [[!traillink Browsing_the_web_with_<span_class="application">Tor_Browser</span>|anonymous_internet/tor_browser]]
......@@ -17,6 +17,14 @@ connection:
- To connect to a Wi-Fi network, choose <span class="guilabel">Wi-Fi Not
Connected</span> and then <span class="guilabel">Select Network</span>.
<div class="bug">
<p>If there is no option to connect to a Wi-Fi network, your Wi-Fi interface
is not working in Tails. See our documentation on [[troubleshooting Wi-Fi
not working|no-wifi]].</p>
- To connect to a mobile data network, choose
<span class="guilabel">Mobile Broadband</span>.
......@@ -46,16 +54,6 @@ If you are concerned about being identified as a Tails user on your
network, read our documentation about [[network
<a id="no-wi-fi"></a>
Troubleshooting Wi-Fi not working
[[!inline pages="doc/anonymous_internet/networkmanager/no-wifi.inline" raw="yes" sort="age"]]
* Check in our list of [[known Wi-Fi issues|support/known_issues#wi-fi-workarounds]]
if there is a workaround to get your Wi-Fi interface to work in Tails.
Using Tor bridges or a local proxy
......@@ -4,12 +4,12 @@ If your Wi-Fi interface is not working, either:
* There is no Wi-Fi option in the system menu:
[[!img system-without-wi-fi.png link="no" alt=""]]
[[!img no-wifi/system-without-wifi.png link="no" alt=""]]
* The interface is disabled when starting Tails or when plugging in your USB
Wi-Fi adapter:
[[!img mac-spoofing-disabled.png link="no" alt="Notification about network card being disabled"]]
[[!img no-wifi/mac-spoofing-disabled.png link="no" alt="Notification about network card being disabled"]]
In this case, you can disable MAC address anonymization to get your Wi-Fi interface
to work in Tails. Disabling MAC address anonymization has security implications, so read
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ To connect to the Internet, you can try to:
* Share the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection of your phone using a
USB cable. Sharing a connection this way is called *USB tethering*.
[[!img usb-tethering.png link="no" alt=""]]
[[!img no-wifi/usb-tethering.png link="no" alt=""]]
See instructions for:
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