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Update changelog for 2.4~rc1.

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tails (2.4) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
tails (2.4~rc1) unstable; urgency=medium
* Dummy entry.
* Major new features and changes
- Upgrade Tor Browser to 6.0 based on Firefox 45.2. (Closes:
- Enable Icedove's automatic configuration wizard. We patch the
wizard to only use secure protocols when probing, and only
accept secure protocols, while keeping the improvements done by
TorBirdy in its own non-automatic configuration wizard. (Closes:
#6158, #11204)
* Bugfixes
- Enable Packetization Layer Path MTU Discovery for IPv4. If any
system on the path to the remote host has a MTU smaller than the
standard Ethernet one, then Tails will receive an ICMP packet
asking it to send smaller packets. Our firewall will drop such
ICMP packets to the floor, and then the TCP connection won't
work properly. This can happen to any TCP connection, but so far
it's been reported as breaking obfs4 for actual users. Thanks to
Yawning for the help! (Closes: #9268)
- Make Tails Upgrader ship other locales than English. (Closes:
* Minor improvements
- Icedove improvements:
* Stop patching in our default into Torbirdy. We've upstreamed
some parts, and the rest we set with pref branch overrides in
/etc/xul-ext/torbirdy.js. (Closes: #10905)
* Use hkps keyserver in Engimail. (Closes: #10906)
* Default to POP if persistence is enabled, IMAP is
not. (Closes: #10574)
* Disable remote email account creation in Icedove. (Closes:
- Firewall hardening (Closes: #11391):
* Don't accept RELATED packets. This enables quite a lot of code
in the kernel that we don't need. Let's reduce the attack
surface a bit.
* Restrict debian-tor user to NEW TCP syn packets. It doesn't
need to do more, so let's do a little bit of security in
* Disable netfilter's nf_conntrack_helper.
* Fix disabling of automatic conntrack helper assignment.
- Kernel hardening:
* Set various kernel boot options: slab_nomerge slub_debug=FZ
mce=0 vsyscall=none. (Closes: #11143)
* Remove the kernel .map files. These are only useful for kernel
debugging and slightly make things easier for malware, perhaps
and otherwise just occupy disk space. Also stop exposing
kernel memory addresses through /proc etc. (Closes: #10951)
- Drop zenity hacks to "focus" the negative answer. Jessie's
zenity introduced the --default-cancel option, finally!
(Closes: #11229)
- Drop useless APT pinning for Linux.
- Remove gnome-tweak-tool. (Closes: #11237)
- Install python-dogtail, to enable accessibility technologies in
our automated test suite (see below). (Part of: #10721)
- Install libdrm and mesa from jessie-backports. (Closes: #11303)
- Remove hledger. (Closes: #11346)
- Don't pre-configure the #tails chan on the default OFTC account.
(Part of: #11306)
- Install onioncircuits from jessie-backports. (Closes: #11443)
- Remove nmh. (Closes: #10477)
- Drop Debian experimental APT source: we don't use it.
- Use APT codenames (e.g. "stretch") instead of suites, to be
compatible with our tagged APT snapshots.
- Drop module-assistant hook and its cleanup. We've not been using
it since 2010.
- Remove 'Reboot' and 'Power Off' entries from Applications
System Tools. (Closes: #11075)
- Pin our custom APT repo to the same level as Debian ones, and
explicitly pin higher the packages we want to pull from our custom
APT repo, when needed.
- config/chroot_local-hooks/59-libdvd-pkg: verify libdvdcss
package installation. (Closes: #11420)
- Make Tails Upgrader use our new mirror pool design. (Closes:
-- anonym <> Thu, 25 Feb 2016 19:01:40 +0100
* Build system
- Use a freezable APT repo when building Tails. This is a first
step towards reproducible builds, and improves our QA and
development processes by making our builds more predictable. For
details, see:
- There has been a massive amount of improvements to the
Vagrant-based build system, and now it could be considered the
de-facto build system for Tails! Improvements and fixes include:
* Migrate Vagrant to use libvirt/KVM instead of
Virtualbox. (Closes: #6354)
* Make apt-get stuff non-interactive while provisioning.
Because there is no interaction, so that will results in
* Bump disk space (=> RAM for RAM builds) needed to build with
Vagrant. Since the Jessie migration it seems impossible to
keep this low enough to fit in 8 GiB or RAM. For this reason
we also drop the space optimization where we build inside a
crazy aufs stack; now we just build in a tmpfs.
* Clean up apt-cacher-ng cache on vm:provision to save disk
space on the builder.
* Add convenient Rake task for SSH:ing into the builder VM:
`rake vm:ssh`.
* Add rake task for generating a new Vagrant base box.
* Automatically provision the VM on build to keep things up-to-date.
* Don't enable extproxy unless explicitly given as an
option. Previously it would automatically be enabled when
`http_proxy` is set in the environment, unlike what is
documented. This will hopefully lead to fewer surprises for users
who e.g. point http_proxy to a torified polipo, or similar.
* Re-fetch tags when running build-tails with Vagrant. That
should fix an annoyance related to #7182 that I frequently
encounter: when I, as the RM, rebuild the release image the
second time from the force-updated tag, the build system would
not have the force-updated tag. (Closes: #7182)
* Make sure we use the intended locale in the Tails builder VM.
Since we communicate via SSH, and e.g. Debian forward the
locale env vars by default, we have to take some steps
ensuring we do not do that.
- Pull monkeysphere from stretch to avoid failing to install under
eatmydata. Patch submitted by Cyril Brulebois <>.
* Test suite
- Add wrapper around dogtail (inside Tails) for "remote" usage in
the automated test suite. This provides a simple interface for
generating dogtail python code, sending it to the guest, and
executing it, and should allow us to write more robust tests
leveraging assistive technologies. (Closes: #10721)
- A few previously sikuli-based tests has been migrated to use
dogtail instead, e.g. GNOME Applications menu interaction.
- Add a test for re-configuring an existing persistent volume.
This is a regression test for #10809. (Closes: #10834)
- Use a simulated Tor network provided by Chutney in the automated
test suite. The main motivation here is improved robustness --
since the "Tor network" we now use will exit from the host
running the automated test suite, we won't have to deal with Tor
network blocking, or unreliable circuits. Performance should
also be improved. (Closes: #9521)
- Drop the usage of Tor Check in our tests. It doesn't make sense
now when we use Chutney since that always means it will report
that Tor is not being used.
- Stop testing obsolete pluggable transports.
- Completely rewrite the firewall leak detector to something more
flexible and expressive.
- Run tcpdump with --immediate-mode for the network sniffer. With
this option, "packets are delivered to tcpdump as soon as they
arrive, rather than being buffered for efficiency" which is
required to make the sniffing work reliable the way we use it.
- Remove most scenarios testing "tordate". It just isn't working
well in Tails, so we shouldn't expect the tests to actually work
all of the time. (Closes: #10440)
-- Tails developers <> Wed, 25 May 2016 18:24:57 +0200
tails (2.3.1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
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