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Revert "Prevent the whole table to be in a single PO string"

This breaks the layout of the table on the production website...
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......@@ -22,23 +22,15 @@ To connect to the Internet, you can try to either:
* Buy a USB Wi-Fi adapter that works in Tails:
<tr><th>Vendor</th><th>Model</th><th>Size</th><th>Speed</th><th>Price</th><th>Buy offline</th><th>Buy online</th></tr>
<tr><td>Panda Wireless</td><td>Ultra</td><td>Nano</td><td>150 Mbit/s</td><td>$12</td><td>No</td><td><a href="">Amazon</a></td></tr>
<tr><td>Panda Wireless</td><td>PAU05</td><td>Small</td><td>300 Mbit/s</td><td>$14</td><td>No</td><td><a href="">Amazon</a></td></tr>
The following USB adapters work as well but don't really have advantages over the ones that are listed already:
<tr><td>Panda Wireless</td><td>Mini</td><td>Large</td><td>150 Mbit/s</td><td>$10</td><td>No</td><td><a href="">Amazon</a></td></tr>
<tr><td>Panda Wireless</td><td>N600</td><td>Large</td><td>300 Mbit/s</td><td>$25</td><td>No</td><td><a href="">Amazon</a></td></tr>
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