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Explain how we could unlock the backup Persistence without password

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......@@ -106,10 +106,13 @@ Implementation note:
- It might be possible to reuse the same LUKS header to create the
backup Persistence without prompting for a passphrase.
At first glance, cryptsetup luksHeaderBackup/luksHeaderRestore should
work to create that backups LUKS volume; and then, to unlock it, one
could dump the master key from memory and pass it to cryptsetup open
At first glance:
* To create the backup Persistence,
<span class="command">cryptsetup luksHeaderBackup/luksHeaderRestore</span> should work.
* To unlock the backup Persistence,
<span class="command">sudo dmsetup table --showkeys TailsData_unlocked</span> should dump the master key from memory and
<span class="command">cryptsetup --master-key-file</span> should unlock with the master key.
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