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Update changelog for 2.10.

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tails (2.10) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Dummy.
-- anonym <> Fri, 13 Jan 2017 14:22:56 +0100
tails (2.10~rc1) unstable; urgency=medium
tails (2.10) unstable; urgency=medium
* Major new features and changes
- Upgrade the Linux kernel to 4.8.0-0.bpo.2 (Closes: #11886).
......@@ -26,11 +20,18 @@ tails (2.10~rc1) unstable; urgency=medium
it possible to pass the listen port, and Tor control
cookie/socket paths as arguments (Closes: #6742). We hear
Whonix plan to use it! :)
- Upgrade Tor to, the new stable series
- Upgrade Tor to, the new stable series
(Closes: #12012).
* Security fixes
- Upgrade Tor Browser to 6.5 based on Firefox 45.7 (Closes: #12159)
- Upgrade Icedove to 1:45.6.0-1~deb8u1+tail1s.
- Upgrade bind9-packages to 1:9.9.5.dfsg-9+deb8u9.
- Upgrade pcscd to 1.8.13-1+deb8u1.
- Upgrade libgd3 to 2.1.0-5+deb8u8.
- Upgrade libxml2 to 2.9.1+dfsg1-5+deb8u4.
- Upgrade tor to
- Upgrade samba-libs to 2:4.2.14+dfsg-0+deb8u2.
* Minor improvements
- Enable and use the Debian Jessie proposed-updates APT
......@@ -74,6 +75,16 @@ tails (2.10~rc1) unstable; urgency=medium
- Drop kernel.dmesg_restrict customization: it's enabled by
default since 4.8.4-1~exp1 (Closes: #11886).
- Upgrade Electrum to 2.7.9-1.
- Make the Electrum proxy configuration apply after upgrading to
2.7.9-1. These changes incidentally makes Electrum behave nicer:
users will now not be presented the network configuration part
of the setup wizard -- a server will be picked randomly, and
Electrum will auto-connect. The automated test suite is adjusted
accordingly (Closes: #12140).
- Remove unused Browser profile seed file localstore.rdf which was
made obsolete in Firefox 34.
- Tor Browser: switch from pt-PT to pt-BR langpack. The upstream
Tor Browser did this in version 6.5 (Refs: #12159).
* Bugfixes
- Tails Greeter:
......@@ -92,6 +103,14 @@ tails (2.10~rc1) unstable; urgency=medium
- Fix firewall startup during early boot, by referring to the
"amnesia" user via its UID (Closes: #7018).
- Include all amd64-microcodes.
- refresh-translations: ignore
Otherwise, if the website has been built already, PO tools
complain that there are files with translatable strings in
there, which are not listed in
- Make uBlock Origin's button appear on first run. Otherwise it
will only appear on browser runs after the first one. This bug
also affected Adblock Plus (Closes: #12145).
* Build system
- Be more careful when unmounting the tmpfs used as workspace
......@@ -100,6 +119,13 @@ tails (2.10~rc1) unstable; urgency=medium
- Upgrade the Vagrant basebox to 20170105. The only big change is
that we now install the backported kernel in the builder VM, to
make building possible on Debian Sid (Closes: #12081).
- Ensure the VirtualBox guest DKMS modules are built for the
kernel we want them for. In some situations, depending on the
version of the running kernel, the modules would not be built
for the 686 kernel, which is the one that needs the VirtualBox
guest modules. This commit ensures the VirtualBox guest modules
are built and installed regardless of the how the build
environment looks like (Closes: #12139).
* Test suite
- Replace the filesystem shares support with a helper for easily
......@@ -115,8 +141,28 @@ tails (2.10~rc1) unstable; urgency=medium
the real Tor network (Refs: #11556).
- Allow connections to Tor's control port during stream isolation
tests, but only for those applications where we expect that.
-- Tails Developers <> Thu, 12 Jan 2017 23:50:39 +0100
- Fix Electrum tests after upgrading to 2.7.9-1.
- Make encryption.feature pass for Tails 2.10~rc1.
- Adapt tests after the Donation campaign was disabled (Refs:
- Fix 'The "Tails documentation" link on the Desktop works'
scenario. The TailsOfflineDocHomepage.png image doesn't match
what we see any more (I have no clue why), so let's use Dogtail
and solve this once and for all, hopefully.
- Work around Tails freezing during memory wiping. These
workarounds should be reverted once #11786 is fixed
properly. (Refs: #10776, #11786)
- Support both xtigervncviewer and xtightvncviewer for --view.
xtightvncviewer is a transitional package in Sid, which depends
on tigervnc-viewer (which ships xtigervncviewer), so by keeping
the dep and supporting both binaries, --view will work on both
Sid and Jessie (Closes: #12129).
- Test suite: bump image after upgrading to Tor Browser 6.5 (Refs:
- Add debugging info for when PacketFu misbehaves, and be more
careful when to save pcap artifacts (Refs: #11508).
-- Tails developers <> Mon, 23 Jan 2017 11:38:37 +0100
tails (2.9.1) unstable; urgency=medium
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