Commit 951d0015 authored by anonym's avatar anonym
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tor-controlport-filter: improve logging of filtered commands.

I.e. tell which client did it.
parent b79fb2df
......@@ -163,19 +163,19 @@ def exe_path_of_pid(pid):
def handle_controlport_session(controller, readh, writeh, allowed_commands, allowed_events, client_desc, client_pid, restrict_stream_events = False):
def debug_log_helper(direction, line):
def _log(line, sep = ': '):
line = line.strip()
if "\n" in line:
line = "multi-line:\n" + line
log("{} {} {}".format(client_desc, direction, line))
log("{}{}{}".format(client_desc, sep, line))
def debug_log_send(line):
if global_args.print_responses:
debug_log_helper('<-', line)
_log(line, sep=': <- ')
def debug_log_recv(line):
if global_args.print_requests:
debug_log_helper('->', line)
_log(line, sep=': -> ')
def respond(line, raw=False):
if line.isspace(): return
......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ def handle_controlport_session(controller, readh, writeh, allowed_commands, allo
respond(response.raw_content(), raw=True)
def filter_line(line):
log("Command filtered: {}".format(line))
_log("command filtered: {}".format(line))
respond("510 Command filtered")
def rewrite_line(pattern, replacement, line):
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