Commit 948fdcb5 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri

Git doc: add a Troubleshooting section with per-remote contact info.

I'm told that root@b.o gets support request from Tails contributors about
repositories they don't host, and I know for a fact that Tails sysadmins also
experience this issue. It's a waste of time for sysadmins who have to redirect
support requests to the right place pretty often. And more importantly, it's
frustrating for Tails contributors, as it adds round-trips, delays, and
contributes to "nobody feels responsible / wants to help me" feelings.
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......@@ -284,3 +284,18 @@ For more information, see:
in the *Pro Git* book;
* the [`git-submodule(1)`](
man page.
First, check with your team-mates: in some cases they can help you
troubleshoot your problem, and confirm whether the problem is on your
side or on the server side. If that is not enough, read on.
* For repositories hosted at `` (aka.
``) or at ``: get in
touch with
[[Tails system administrators|about/contact#tails-sysadmins]].
* For repositories hosted at ``: get in touch with
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