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GitLab: point to doc on our own GitLab

It will always match the version of GitLab we're using,
as opposed to whatever is published on
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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ Tails issues are managed in [[!tails_gitlab "" desc="GitLab"]].
This page focuses on aspects of GitLab usage that are specific to Tails.
For general GitLab usage information, see the
[GitLab user documentation](
[[!tails_gitlab help/user desc="GitLab user documentation"]].
[[!toc levels=2]]
......@@ -189,8 +189,8 @@ relationships between issues. Here is how we can overcome these limitations.
### Parent/subtask and Blocks relationship
A GitLab issue can have a [task
A GitLab issue can have a
[[!tails_gitlab help/user/markdown.html#task-lists desc="task list"]].
Every task is a task list can be:
......@@ -209,14 +209,15 @@ referenced issue, with a link to the referencing issue.
## Confidential issues
You can make an issue
[[!tails_gitlab help/user/project/issues/confidential_issues.html desc="confidential"]]
when creating it or at any later time.
A confidential issue is visible only by:
- whoever created it
- project members with at least
[[!tails_gitlab help/user/permissions.html#project-members-permissions
access; that is, for our [[!tails_gitlab tails/tails desc="main GitLab
project"]]: most past and present Tails contributors
......@@ -279,9 +280,9 @@ you can:
- Stay informed of what's happening in GitLab
To do so, enable email
[[!tails_gitlab help/user/profile/notifications.html desc="notifications"]].
- Participate in [discussions](
- Participate in [[!tails_gitlab help/user/discussions/ desc="discussions"]]
on issues and merge requests, modify issues metadata
To do so, reply to an email notification you've received from GitLab.
......@@ -291,13 +292,13 @@ you can:
In particular:
- Write your email in
[[!tails_gitlab help/user/markdown.html Markdown]].
- You can use
[Quick actions](
[[!tails_gitlab help/user/project/quick_actions.html desc="Quick actions"]].
- Create new issues
See [New issue via email](
See [[!tails_gitlab help/user/project/issues/managing_issues.html#new-issue-via-email desc="New issue via email"]]
in the GitLab documentation.
# Core teams' work
......@@ -423,15 +424,16 @@ implemented](
#### Relevant GitLab doc
- [Permissions](
- [Authorization for Merge requests](
- [Protected Branches](
- [Groups](
- [[!tails_gitlab help/user/permissions.html desc="Permissions"]]
- [[!tails_gitlab help/user/project/merge_requests/authorization_for_merge_requests.html desc="Authorization for Merge requests"]]
- [[!tails_gitlab help/user/project/protected_branches.html desc="Protected Branches"]]
- [[!tails_gitlab help/user/group/ desc="Groups"]]
#### Access levels
We use the [Protected branch
We use the [[!tails_gitlab
desc="Protected branch flow"]]:
- Our major branches and release tags are marked as "Protected".
- Committers get "Maintainer" access.
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