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[[!meta title="Roadmap"]]
<p>See the [[!tails_roadmap]].</p>
[[!meta title="Roadmap for the next years"]]
[[!meta title="Roadmap"]]
Plans for the next releases
You can track on Redmine the list of tickets that we want to solve for
the next releases:
Priorities for the next years
Here is a summary of our priorities for the next years:
- **Easier adoption**
- **Revamp Tails Greeter**: make it easier to configure Tails when starting ([[!tails_ticket 5464]])
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ ikiwiki will include your shortcut in the standard underlay.
desc="list of easy tasks"]]
* [[!shortcut name=tails_ticket url="" desc="#%s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=tails_roadmap url="" desc="roadmap"]]
* [[!shortcut name=tails_roadmap url="" desc="roadmap"]]
* [[!shortcut name=tails_gitweb url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=tails_gitweb_dir url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=tails_devel_gitweb url=""]]
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