Commit 92db13a9 authored by segfault's avatar segfault
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Fix bridge info not always shown when user selects bridge mode

When the user sets the network configuration to use bridges, we want to
inform them that they will have to configure the bridge later. But this
was only done when the popover was "built", which happens the first time
a network setting is configured. Now this information is always displayed
when the bridge mode is configured.
parent 1419a0e0
......@@ -393,10 +393,6 @@ class NetworkSetting(AdditionalSetting):
def build_popover(self):
def row_activated(self, row):
if row == self.listboxrow_network_clear:
self.netconf = self.greeter.physical_security.NETCONF_DIRECT
......@@ -419,8 +415,6 @@ class NetworkSetting(AdditionalSetting):
def apply(self):
self.greeter.physical_security.netconf = self.netconf
def show_bridge_info_if_needed(self):
if (self.greeter.physical_security.netconf ==
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