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Mention PDF Redact Tools, Tesseract OCR, and FFmpeg in the list of features

We might also do more with #8416 at some point.
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......@@ -67,6 +67,9 @@ Encryption and privacy
* [MAT]( to anonymize metadata in files
* [KeePassXC]( password manager ([[More...|doc/encryption_and_privacy/manage_passwords]])
* [GtkHash]( to calculate checksums ([[More...|doc/encryption_and_privacy/checksums]])
* [PDF Redact Tools]( to redact and strip metadata from text documents before publishing
* [Tesseract OCR]( to convert images containing text into a text document
* [FFmpeg]( to record and convert audio and video
The full packages list can be found in the [BitTorrent files download
directory]( (look for files with the `.packages`
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