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FT: document how we handle UX improvements tickets (refs: #14544)

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......@@ -198,6 +198,46 @@ if at least one of these conditions is met:
subtasks that will be tackled by different people, and we need
someone to coordinate the project.
<a id="tasks-management-ux-improvements"></a>
## UX improvements
Our [[UX designers|roles/ux]] maintain a list of UX improvements that
would be welcome, as tickets related to [[!tails_ticket 14544]].
From time to time, some Foundations Team members meet with UX
designers and do a value/cost analysis of these tickets. Then, those
with the best value/cost, that we can work on without waiting for lots
of UX design work to be done, are added to [our list of
That is, working on them automatically qualifies as Foundations Team work.
In general, before looking for other UX improvements we could work on,
we should first focus on these selected tickets and on the most
important or urgent of our other [[duties|foundations_team#duties]].
Still, while keeping this in mind, you might personally be
particularly interested in working on a ticket related to
[[!tails_ticket 14544]], that was not added to our plate yet.
This is an option, provided a few conditions are met.
The Foundations Team lead maintains a list of tickets that meet
these conditions, in the description of [[!tails_ticket 14544]].
You can check yourself if a particular ticket meets all these
- It was marked as related to [[!tails_ticket 14544]] by our UX designers.
- It is possible work on it without waiting for lots of UX work to be done first.
To determine whether that's the case:
- Look at the "UX" cost column in the spreadsheet attached to
[[!tails_ticket 14544]]. A ticket with a UX cost of 2 or more
probably does not qualify.
- In doubt, ask our UX designers.
- The P×S/Cdev value is 1.0 or greater, in the spreadsheet that's
attached to [[!tails_ticket 14544]].
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# Contact
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