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......@@ -4,8 +4,6 @@ Here are the ideas we had were we initially drafted the plan. The
splitting and structure of the different posts is unclear but we should
cover more or less:
1. Thank you!
Regarding the writing style, I would stay we should be:
- Short but not too much. Something you can read in 2 minutes, some
......@@ -23,3 +21,35 @@ Regarding the writing style, I would stay we should be:
- Maybe include template for tweets.
Thank you and see you in Hamburg!
As part of our donation campaign we already explained you [[why we need
donations|news/why_we_need_donations]], [[what we do with your
money|news/what_we_do_with_your_money]] and that [[Mediapart is the
first news organization to commit to support Tails every
But today we're just writing to give all of you a big thank you!
**Since October 13, we received $45 739 (43 769€) in donations.**
RiseupLabs PayPal until December 25: $22 326
Bitcoin since October 24: 16 btc @ $824 = $13 184
Zwiebelfreunde until November 25: 5840€ @ $1.04 = $6 073
prorata until December 25: $10 265
This is our first donation campaign and we are completely amazed by the
results! It feels really good to see that our community of users
understands the real value of Tails and why it's important for them to
help us back and keep the project alive and independent.
Starting from today we'll be present at the [33rd Chaos Computer
Congress in Hamburg](
You are encouraged to pass by and meet us at the anarchist village.
We are accepting donations in cash and people donating more than 50€
will get a Tails t-shirt!
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