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various known issues updates (ticket links corrections, grammatical correction)

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......@@ -223,10 +223,9 @@ Security issues
Tails might not erase all the system memory on shutdown
On rare systems (non-PAE with big amounts of memory),
Tails does not consistently [[!tails_todo
more_efficient_memory_wipe desc="erase all system memory as it
On rare systems (non-PAE with big amounts of memory), Tails does not
consistently erase all system memory as it should. See
[[!tails_ticket 6006 desc="More efficient memory wipe"]].
If no [[cold boot attack|doc/advanced_topics/cold_boot_attacks]]
happens directly after shutdown, the RAM empties itself in minutes,
......@@ -247,7 +246,7 @@ Pressing the DVD eject button does not trigger emergency shutdown.
Also, the "normal" (non-emergency) shutdown procedure does not eject
the DVD anymore.
(Ticket: [[!tails_todo fix_DVD_eject_at_shutdown]])
See [[!tails_ticket 5447 desc="Fix DVD eject at shutdown"]].
Stream isolation inconsistency in Claws Mail
......@@ -300,7 +299,7 @@ Fingerprint
<!-- The fingerprints of <span class="application">Tor Browser</span> in Tails and on other operating systems are different: -->
* Browser window resizing is in not reliable: [[!tails_ticket 6377]]
* Browser window resizing is not reliable: [[!tails_ticket 6377]]
and [[!tor_bug 10095]].
Other issues
......@@ -334,8 +333,7 @@ Connecting to FTP servers is not possible
Public FTP servers on the Internet are not reachable using Tails.
See [[!tails_todo fix_Internet_FTP_support desc="the corresponding
task"]] for more details.
See [[!tails_ticket 6096 desc="Fix FTP support"]] for more details.
Tails fails to connect to certain Wi-Fi networks
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