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january contributors meeting notes

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[[!meta title="January 2017 online meeting"]]
[[!toc levels=1]]
# Availability for next month:
- u will be available and will try to close tickets in January, and
work on a Debian backport for Tails Installer.
- spriver will keep at [[!tails_ticket 9833 desc="Replace AdBlock Plus with uBlock Origin"]]
and work on her other tickets.
- anonym will come back to his "office hours" in two days and will work on [[!tails_ticket 7870 desc="Include OnionShare"]]
+ test suite stuff + Tails 2.10 release management + mentoring spriver for #9833.
- emmapeel will not have much time, she will do the December report.
# Holes on the roof
- anonym has one assigned
# Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee
- All the tickets for Tails 2.10 were already assigned!
# Tickets discussed
## [[!tails_ticket 6972 desc="Create a 'Sponsors' page"]]
- We discussed for a while about the pros and cons of a sponsor page.
- We agreed easily on no sponsors on the homepage, although on a separated page
it would be nice.
- We don't publish the minimum amount needed to be there, as it can change.
- Many other questions arise:
- We renovate the page each year, like the press page?
- Should past sponsors be listed?
- How should we communicate to interested sponsors (have a public policy)?
We want somebody to write a text that can be sent to possible sponsors
explaining how this works.
## [[!tails_ticket 12076 desc="Have a sponsor per release"]]
We discussed it a bit, in general we didn't liked the idea, but we didn't
reach a proper conclusion.
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